Available Rental Chillers in Waco, TX

Quality rental chiller delivery and installation that’s tested and proven for 4 decades. CTCA’s chiller staff are the commercial HVAC industry experts businesses in Waco, Texas trust since 1977.

CTCA is tested and proven by businesses in Waco, Texas to provide reliable rental chillers at the best rental price. With a complete line of HVAC equipment and chiller experts always available 24/7, you can trust us to get your chiller rental delivered and installed in no time.

We offer rental chiller plants ranging in size from 5 tons to 1500 tons with modular configurations up to 3,000 tons and more available. Low-temperature chilling (0F) and low/high ambient control options are also available when you need them.

CTCA currently holds TXMAS Contract Number 11-56060 for our temporary chillers. If you need expert cooling solutions, call our chiller experts today. We’re always available 24/7 365 days a year.

Rental Chillers in Waco, Texas

Air-Cooled Chiller

150 ton Chiller Rental

Water-Cooled Chiller

325 ton Chiller Rental

Our Complete Cooling Solution For Waco, TX

Here at CTCA, We don’t want you getting worked up over finding parts and accessories that match your chiller. You’re getting all the chiller accessories as part of a complete package every time you rent with us. This includes:

All of these are automatically supplied and adjusted to your facility’s specifications after you talk to one of our chiller experts.

These HVAC Rentals Are Also Available in Waco, TX


Cooling towers

Heat Exchangers

Air Handlers

Our Rental Chillers Are Always Available For Delivery & Installation in Waco, Texas!

Yes, our chiller experts are always ready to help you 24/7, 365 days a year to give you convenient cooling solutions whenever you need it, wherever you are in Waco, TX. Give us a call anytime at 866-880-9097 or fill out our form so we can get your chiller up and running in no time!