Arizona Chiller Rental

Over the past 44 years, CTCA has partnered with countless businesses and facilities in Arizona, providing time-tested 24/7 chiller rental delivery, installation, and support.

For over 4 decades and counting, CTCA has provided affordable and dependable cooling solutions to businesses and facilities in Arizona when they need it the most. Our chiller experts are equipped with experience and knowledge of CTCA Arizona’s special cooling requirements, helping you get the right rental chiller anytime you need it.

All of our rental chillers are trailer-mounted for fast delivery, so we can get you the planned and emergency cooling you need anywhere in CTCA AZ. Our chillers are self-contained plants with cooling towers and pumps, requiring only a single power point connection making it easier to get your rental running in no time.

Available Rental Chillers in Arizona

Portable Air-Cooled Chillers

150 ton Chiller Rental

Our air-cooled rental chillers are designed to provide supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling for high-volume applications like hospitals, refineries, and power stations.

Considering the scope of applications, we made sure our air-cooled chillers are built with the level of quality to withstand even the harshest industrial conditions.

Portable Water-Cooled Chillers

325 ton Chiller Rental

Our water-cooled chillers are extremely cost-efficient. They are able to provide your optimal cooling requirement while consuming only half the energy requirements of typical air-cooled chillers.

Our water-cooled rental chillers come at 10 to 1,500 tons for skid-mounted units and 100 to 500 tons for individual chiller plants. We can combine multiple units to meet your desired tonnage.

Discover The CTCA Difference

Here at CTCA, we don’t want you to worry about looking for parts and accessories that match your rental chiller. That’s why you’re getting all the necessary accessories so you can get the cooling solutions you need right upon delivery. Our complete rental cooling solutions include:

When you call our chiller experts, they’ll make sure you’ll get all the right chiller accessories for your facility in Arizona.

CTCA offers the following HVAC rental solutions in Arizona:


Cooling towers

Heat Exchangers

Air Handlers

Need Cooling Solutions in Arizona? Let CTCA’s Chiller Experts Help!

Our chiller experts are always available 24/7 to help you with your supplemental, temporary, and emergency cooling needs in Arizona. Give us a call at 866-880-9097 or fill out our form. Our experts are always available every single day of the year.