Air Handlers

Air Handler Rental

Our Air Handler units are ideal for any cooling or heating project.

Air Handler Rental

Our Air Handler units are ideal for any cooling or heating project. Air Handler Rentals are configured for compact installation and are designed to be used with your Boiler or Chiller water connections. Chiller Rentals by CTCA can provide you with rental chillers or boilers to complete your heating or cooling needs.

Emergency situations are no problem. Our qualified staff is available 24/7. Let us help you decide the best combination of rental equipment to meet your cooling or heating needs. Contact us today for information or to get an immediate quote.

At CTCA, our Air Handler Rentals can be custom designed to help meet your specific needs for your cooling or heating projects. Rental Air Handlers can be equipped with VFD’s and temperature controls to meet the demands of your cooling or heating project.


  • 10 to 150 Ton
  • 5,000 to 60,000 CFM
  • Mounted on skids and trailers, ready for immediate delivery
  • Can be custom-equipped with VFD’s
  • Hot water, steam and chill water coils
  • Sound attenuated for sensitive enviroments in buildings or quiet sites such as movie shoots and factory floors
  • Variable speed drive for air flow control
  • Temperature controls for automation
  • Victaulic or flanged connections
  • Can be equipped with custom designed plenums for any application

All necessary accessories are included as part of our rental air handling equipment unit cost:

  • 2″ throw-away filters
  • Condensate pump
  • Flexible supply and return air ductwork
  • Custom Plenums to accommodate ductwork
  • Flexible chilled water or hot water hose
  • Fused disconnect and starters
  • Rollers for ease of movement
  • Supply/Discharge plenums
  • UL-rated temporary power cable
You can provide chill water from your existing chill water system or we can provide you with a rental chiller. At Chiller Rentals by CTCA we can have your air handler rental unit/system on site and installed for your planned or emergency event. Call us 24/7 for your heating or cooling needs.

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