How to Prepare Your Office Space for Winter

Chiller Rentals for Planned or Emergency

Now that the weather’s turned cold, your business facility should be prepared to handle lower temperatures. Your company must be ready for extreme weather conditions, otherwise it can halt your everyday operations. This doesn’t just mean the readiness of your facility – it includes the working environment of your employees as well.

You might be anticipating an increase in your heating expenditures. This is definitely possible, but there are also ways to prepare your facility without having to spend much. Making sure that your building is energy efficient for winter can be augmented by a few adjustments in your HVAC system and some other measures to ensure that you contain heat in your facility.

What can you do to ensure that your facility stays warm and your employees stay toasty in colder months? Let’s take a look at a few ways.

Check your ventilation

Have you checked whether the humidity level in your office is too low? It can be a problem during winter. This can also cause health issues among your employees. 



Are Your Air Conditioners Running Efficiently?

Air Conditioning

Did you notice a spike in your electricity bills lately? You might be paying more for your cooling system that you need to. Some businesses overlook the need to have their air conditioners checked, and it could lead to problems like this.

There are a lot of steps you can take to help you lower your energy expenses. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to shortchange your facilities or sacrifice the health and wellness of your employees. All it takes is a little conscientiousness about your cooling system and you can get that money back in no time.

Even if warmer weather isn’t going to come around anytime soon, it’s best to know how you can optimize your cooling system to ensure that you get the best value out of your equipment. Here, we share a few no-cost ways that will help you make it happen.

Check your vents

Are you sure your vents are clear? Sometimes dust and debris can get stuck in your vents. Even your furniture, curtains, or your other office equipment may be getting in its way.

What you can do is vacuum the indoor supply vents to ensure that they’re not blocked. This way, your air conditioners will not be overworked and you always maintain enough indoor air supply for your facility.

Check your outdoor unit

Of course, when you check inside, you have to examine what’s outside as well. That means you need to check on your condenser unit.

You want to make sure that your outdoor unit is working efficiently, so keep it clean as well. Make sure it’s clear of debris so that it can support your air conditioner properly.

Seal ductwork

You don’t want cool air to leak because of unsealed ductwork. It will sacrifice the air quality in your facility and it will cost you a lot in utility bills at the same time.

If you spot some leaks, repair it with duct-sealing tape. When you can, you can also get a professional to check your ductwork to ensure that everything is properly insulated.

Keep heated equipment away

If you use any tools or appliances that produce heat, make sure you keep them away from your air conditioners. This will affect their performance and might result in overexertion, which leads to higher energy bills.

When your air conditioner senses that the air in your space needs to be cooler, it will work harder. Don’t put unnecessary stress on your cooling system, so that you don’t have to pay more every month.

If you need additional cooling support for your facility without spending too much, we’re here to help. At CTC Air, we’ll help keep you cool at a good price. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Ways HVAC Rentals Help Your Business

Chiller Rentals Technician

When your company was starting out, you probably spent so much of your capital on an appropriate HVAC system. This investment can be considered essential for a manufacturing, production, or industrial companies, so allocating budget for it is necessary. But what will you do once it reaches the end of its lifespan?

Your business might not have enough money for new pieces of equipment. Still, you can’t afford to not have a sufficient HVAC system in your facility, especially if you handle products that require it and also have employees who need to be working in good conditions at the same time.

Thankfully, chiller and boiler rentals are readily available to ensure that your operations won’t be paralyzed and you can continue to earn profit for your company. You can make sure your products are safe and your employees are comfortable without spending so much of your resources.

Going for the rental route might prove to be more cost-efficient and stable option for your company. Not only will you not have to worry about maintenance, but you can also expect a system that’s suited for your business’ needs. Let’s take a look at three reasons why HVAC rentals are the way to go.

Reliable whether it’s a planned or emergency rental

You might be thinking that HVAC rentals are only popular for emergencies. When it can’t be helped, like when you have to take on a lot of work, you might need a chiller or boiler rental to help increase your facility’s capacity. These are common, but a lot of companies also plan ahead for their chiller and boiler rental requirements as well.

Planned rentals often include events, scheduled outages, or seasonal requirements during the summer. These days, businesses often plan ahead for these kinds of things to ensure that they are properly planned and set up by the time they need the rental system. These rentals often last for a month or two.

Boiler and chiller rentals can accommodate any kind of event or facility, as long as you specify your requirements to technicians who can design the system for you. This way, you can continue operating as expected, whether it’s a planned or emergency rental.

Reduces capital funding spending

Not all companies have sufficient capital to spend on new equipment or systems. That’s why boiler and chiller rentals come in handy – it won’t make a huge dent on your funds, but you can expect your facility to keep running just the same.

The truth is, owning HVAC systems can be more expensive in the long run, especially when you consider maintenance work that you can anticipate every now and then. The costs can prove to not be worth the price. With rentals, you can get everything you need to be handled by the rental company, from design to equipment to check-ups, and even unit replacements if it’s a long-term rental.

Boiler and chiller rentals also help if you order new equipment which will require you to wait for sometime, sometimes even up to a year. Rental equipment can be sourced and set up quickly, so you wouldn’t have trouble with having a system up while you wait.

Improves your bottom line

Opting to rent HVAC systems will enable your business to increase its efficiency, allowing you to have more room for other expenses. If you don’t spend your capital on a big investment for new equipment, you’ll have more to allocate to your company’s profit-generating efforts.

In the long run, you might have more to lose if you decide to splurge on a new system because you have to consider its maintenance costs. By simply planning ahead and contacting reliable boiler and chiller rental contractors, you will save costs and that ensure your company’s operations run smoothly at the same time.

If you decide on renting boiler or chiller systems that match your business requirements, we’re here to help. CTC Air can set up heating and cooling systems that meet your exact needs. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Things You Need to Know About Commercial HVAC Sizing

Temporary chiller by CTCA

If you want to make sure that your employees work in a comfortable environment, you need to have adequate-sized heating and air-conditioning systems in place. To do this, you have to consider a few things.

Before you decide on the kind of HVAC system you want for your business, you have to think about what you expect to do at your facility and how many people will be working there at any given time.

You might end up underestimating either one or both of these. It can overwork your HVAC system, making it lose efficiency faster. Conversely, you wouldn’t want to go with an overestimation as well.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing the size of your commercial HVAC system. Let’s go through some of them.

It depends on the loads

When sizing your HVAC system, you need to consider both internal and external loads that your business will generate in the building. These are just two ways to classify these loads.

External loads include weather conditions that your building is exposed to. These affect how much heat is directly being absorbed in the building. Meanwhile, internal loads include heat generated by people, lighting, equipment, infiltration, and fresh air, among others.

Both internal and external loads are added up when determining the ideal HVAC system for your business. There are different ways to calculate it so choose the one intended for commercial use. You can also get precise values to help you understand your system more.

There are design considerations

Not all similar buildings have the same loads. Other than internal and external loads, you also need to include your building’s design and location in your calculations.

The design is a major factor because it contributes to the condition in which your HVAC system will operate. These considerations include building size, indoor and outdoor design, and directional orientation.

In addition, you also need to factor in the building location, latitude, elevation, and relative humidity. This is especially important in this state because it can be humid or dry in Texas.

Don’t fall into the oversizing trap

You might think that bigger is better. This is not the case for commercial HVAC systems. Not only do they cost more – they also don’t provide more comfort like you believe they would.

Oversizing can lead to inconsistent temperatures in your facility. You can also have certain hot and cold zones in different areas because the air doesn’t circulate as much as it should. This can also result in poorer air quality, which can cause health problems.

If you need a commercial HVAC system that is just right for your business requirements, we’re here to help. CTC Air can set up heating and cooling systems that meet your exact needs. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

Is It Time to Replace Your Air-Conditioner?

Air Conditioning

The comfort of having an air-conditioner is something we don’t take for granted, especially in Texas. At your business facilities, it’s important to ensure that your units are in tip-top shape unless you want to risk your employees’ comfort and your production line’s operations.

You might have invested in a few air-conditioning units some time ago. So when will you know if it’s necessary to replace them? It can make a dent in your budget when you do. Not all businesses are ready for that kind of expenditure.

There are a handful of tell-tale signs that will help you determine when it’s time to replace your air-conditioners. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Old age

The first thing to consider when replacing your air-conditioners is their age. How long have you had them for? If you’ve been around for a decade and you’re still using units from when you first opened up shop, you might want to switch those out for new ones.

The actual time depends on how you use your air-conditioners. Some will say 15 years, others will say 20. It’s up to you to draw the line.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your air-conditioner shouldn’t go beyond its lifespan. When you think you need to make a call, ask an HVAC technician to assess your units to help you decide.

Grinding noises

You’re probably used to hearing a soft humming sound from your air-conditioners. That’s perfectly normal. But have you ever been rattled by loud banging or clanking sounds coming from these units?

If your air-conditioner begins to whine like this, then it’s probably due to wear and tear. There may even be broken or loose parts inside that can be causing such noises.

It can be alarming, so try not to wear it out even more. Have a specialist check your air-conditioners to see what the problem is exactly.

Acid formation

If the refrigerant in your air-conditioner is unstable, it can cause acids to form in the unit. This can lead to your air-conditioner’s shorter lifespan.

Depending on how early it’s detected, you can still clean up those acid formations to prevent the compressor from burning. This is a typical maintenance recommendation for most air-conditioners.

Look for a licensed contractor to conduct tests on your air-conditioners to see whether they have this problem. This can help you decide on when to replace them.

No longer cooling your space

Do you still feel hot even when your air-conditioner is on? Does your facility still feel stuffy even though you keep your units running all day? Your air-conditioners have probably lost their efficiency.

This is normal as your air-conditioners age. However, they can pose a problem in your day-to-day operations. Your employees will not feel comfortable, and productivity can decrease.

Even if you hike up the thermostat, if your unit is old, it probably won’t do anything. Take it as a sign to have this air-conditioner replaced.

Increased energy consumption

Did you notice a spike in your electricity bill even without your utility company hiking their rates? The culprit might be your air-conditioners, which can end up consuming more electricity as they age.

Paying for more bills will just make your air-conditioners bad investments down the line. And sometimes, if you opt to have it repaired, it’s best to just spend it on new units or rentals.

If you’re not yet ready to spend on new air-conditioners, we’ll set you up with rentals. At CTC Air, we’ll help keep you cool at a good price. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Ways to Save Energy While Staying Cool This Summer

Boiler Technician

Summer can take its toll on your business operations. Not only will your equipment be working twice as hard, but your employees will feel twice as tired as well.

Preparing for this season is essential if you want your operations to continue smoothly. This means looking out for your employees’ health and well-being while ensuring that you have enough power to keep everything going at the same time.

Did you know that it’s possible to ensure your team’s comfort and save energy at the same time?

Let’s take a look at a few steps you can take to keep your business operations manageable this summer.

Check your HVAC filters

When was the last time you got your air conditioner filters replaced? It can be costing you more than it should.

These filters affect your AC’s efficiency. It prevents dust and other pollutants from infiltrating your system, which can weaken its performance. If you want your air conditioners to work well, you need to switch out those filters regularly.

You can increase your air conditioner’s value by simply replacing its filter. At the same time, it will also help you lower your energy costs. Make sure you check your filter often and replace it when the need arises.

Check your ducts

Do you know how much energy you end up wasting when your ductwork is leaky? You also need to check whether your ducts need some work.

Through time, ducts can end up with cracks that cause leaks, which will also result to air seeping in and out of your facility. In effect, it can also contribute to a spike in your energy consumption.

You can fix this by getting duct sealing done. It will improve your indoor air quality and will help your air conditioners maintain their efficiency at the same time.

Schedule maintenance work

If you really want to prepare for summer, you need to make sure your systems will be scheduled for maintenance before the height of the season hits. Being proactive about maintaining your HVAC systems will always benefit your business and ensure your workflow’s efficiency and employees’ comfort.

By scheduling maintenance work, you will find out whether your air conditioners or heat pumps are performing well up to their efficiency levels. You can have them cleaned and inspected, as well as recalibrated, according to your needs. If you fail to do this and your systems give out, then you need to have a plan B for summer.

Did you know that renting equipment can be more cost-efficient and energy-efficient at the same time? At CTC Air, we are ready to keep you cool through the summer. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Steps to Optimize Your HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems

If you want to keep your facility a comfortable and healthy place to work, you need to be more diligent about keeping your HVAC systems in check.

When was the last time you checked whether you have the right systems in place for your facility? Depending on the season and the volume of work your company is currently taking, you might need to reevaluate what you’re working with.

It will also help to check whether your HVAC systems are energy efficient. It can help save money and keep your employees productive at the same time. They’ll be able to focus more on their work and you can allocate your resources to other profit-driving efforts.

It can be tough to find out whether you have the right HVAC equipment required for your facility, especially if you don’t know where to start. But once you figure it out, you’ll be able to determine your options better.

Let’s take a look at three ways that can help you make sure your HVAC systems are optimized.

Check for damage

To start, you need to assess if your equipment is damaged. Did you know that you can be wasting so much energy when your systems are not fully functional?

Your HVAC systems can account for so much of your electricity bill, so it’s important to know whether your systems are updated. Otherwise, they could be consuming much more electricity, costing you a lot more than they should.

If you need to make upgrades and repairs, take note of them. These might come as unexpected expenses, but these are adjustments you will have to make.

It’s possible to improve the performance of your HVAC systems and save money at the same time. Most importantly, you can also ensure that your employees are working in a conducive environment with the right temperature.

Do some troubleshooting

Do you have pieces of equipment that have sophisticated programming? This will be useless if your pieces of equipment are not functioning efficiently.

Check if your systems are working to the best of its functionality. Also, check whether there are other parts of your facility that need to be replaced.

For example, if your doors aren’t closing fast enough, you might be unnecessarily losing more air than you should. Air leakage can affect your operations, and it can also be costing you more.

Find out if there are other energy wasters in your facility. Doing proper troubleshooting will save you so many resources and spare you headaches from faulty equipment.

Do costing

You might be thinking: why do costing now? It’s simple: you could be losing a lot more money if your systems are not well-fitted for your facility.

First, look at whether you have the appropriate size of equipment for your business. This affects your system’s efficiency. If you have oversized equipment, it can increase your capital cost as well as your operational costs.

Next, take a look at the total cost of ownership of your equipment. Its initial cost will only tell you one thing; its life cycle will help you determine whether it’s a viable investment or not. It will help you decide on the right solution for your facility.

Sometimes, renting equipment can be more cost-efficient and energy-efficient at the same time. At CTC Air, we are ready to provide your chiller boiler rental needs. We have over 150 years of combined experience. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Benefits of Boiler Rentals

Boiler Rental Benefits

Your business probably invested in an industrial boiler when you started out. These large boilers are expected to operate well for decades. However, you will have to face a loss of performance as well as rising maintenance costs for your equipment.

This capital purchase might be expected from big businesses. But did you know that it’s not really necessary? While it’s good that you have an industrial boiler at your facility, you have additional costs to worry about, and it can be daunting.

Some companies choose to go the rental route. A lot of HVAC system providers offer industrial boiler rentals, with systems that can suit whatever kind of work you do. This way, you can expect the rentals to perform in the same capacity as your existing systems.

These industrial boiler rentals are also available for times when your production is dealing with high demand and needs backup. Others also count on boiler rentals on emergencies or when their systems are shut down or undergoing repair and maintenance work.

Why shouldn’t you hesitate to go for boiler rentals for your facilities? Let’s go through some of the benefits of choosing rentals.

Easy to hook up and transport

Choosing a replacement industrial boiler will is a long process. It can take a while before you find a new system to replace your existing one once it gets too old to function. What can you do when the time comes?

Boiler rentals are almost always ready to accommodate requests for that purpose. Once the supplier gets the specifications of your requirements, they can easily hook you up with your own system, whether it’s for backup or for standard use.

These boiler rentals are newer so they will most likely have more controls compared to your existing systems. These new pieces of equipment can easily be tailored to your needs, helping you increase the functionality of your boiler rentals.

Covers for you

When you think of boiler rentals, it could be primarily for emergency purposes. If you have a contingency plan in place, boiler rentals will definitely be easy to acquire. Dealing with disasters, calamities, and other emergencies will be easier if you have a backup plan.

But beyond emergencies, boiler rentals can also serve as a support system when your business is going beyond its standard operations. You might end up requiring more heating power for the facility, and rentals will be able to provide it.

In addition, boiler rentals will also allow you to operate outside of your existing facility. If you have offsite work where you need a boiler system in place, a rental can be easily arranged at your current production site.

No more worrying about maintenance

When you have your own boiler systems set up, you have to worry about its service plans as well. Meanwhile, when you have boiler rentals, you wouldn’t have to think about it anymore.

By having boiler rental systems set up at your facility, you already have a service plan to go a long with it. No need to think about maintenance costs – it’s all included in what you’re paying for. It’s the more convenient choice.

At CTC Air, we are ready to provide your boiler rental needs. We have over 150 years of combined experience in the heating industry. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

3 Reasons Why Your Indoor Office Air Quality is Important

Boiler Indoor

As business owners, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees are working in a conducive environment. Part of it is guaranteeing that the air quality in your workplace is acceptable.

Air quality affects you and your employees more than you can imagine. Do you see yourself getting work done if you’re in an environment with extreme temperatures? More than your employees’ comfort, making sure that your indoor air quality is good will spare you from possible issues in the future.

During seasons where you anticipate very high and low temperatures, are you sure that your office systems are still capable of maintaining good air quality?

In some cases, you might need backup in order to keep your office an optimum working environment. Will you be willing to consider this option?

The answer right is: you have to be. But before the need actually comes up, let’s find out why having good indoor air quality for your office matters.

Indoor air quality affects productivity

Who would be energized to work in an office that feels stuffy? It will become a problem sooner than you think. If it’s musty in your own office, you will end up feeling tired and lethargic all day.

Poor air quality will be a cause for concern as it can dampen productivity in your workplace. Your employees will feel fatigued and sick. It can even cause flu-like symptoms in some people. This is why keeping the office conducive to productivity is essential.

If you let your employees suffer in subpar working conditions, productivity will suffer as well. Make sure you address poor air quality right away if it ever becomes an issue, or it can cause problems for everyone.

Indoor air quality affects employee health

Simply put, poor air quality will make employees sick. Therefore, they will be more likely to miss work because of poor health. Absences might cause problems for the business as well. This can be helped if you address the situation right away.

The effects of poor air quality can manifest in employees through symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and headaches. It can also trigger allergies and asthma in some people.

Keeping your employees healthy should be of the highest importance. Air quality plays a huge part in this, so make sure it remains acceptable. You don’t want them taking more sick days, otherwise, your business will take the heat.

Indoor air quality affects office morale

There will literally be something different in the air if your business suffers from poor air quality. The atmosphere at work will be much different, and it won’t come as a surprise.

When you compromise your employees’ well-being because of poor air quality, you can expect that they will not be motivated to work. Being treated this way will make them feel uncared for and unappreciated at your company.

Investing in your employees is important. Show them that their health and safety matters to you. This will help foster a positive atmosphere at your company. In effect, your employees will be more than willing to put in the work.

If you need help with air quality at your company, talk to us at CTC Air. We have over 150 years of combined experience in the cooling and heating industry. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.

How to Create a Contingency Plan for Your Business

Boiler Machine

In life and in business, it pays to be prepared for emergencies. Keeping yourself and your company ready in case some unexpected incident happens will save you from so much stress in the long run.

When your day to day operations are dependent on certain systems, you need to make sure you have a plan in case something doesn’t work. It’s important to have a backup ready in case your equipment at work fail you.

Do you think you’re relying too much on your vendors? If so, your business might not be protected enough. Take a step back and look at what you need to prepare for in case of emergencies.

Preparing a contingency plan for your business is easy. Make time for it and you will be spared the headaches you might get when production is disrupted.

First, you need to identify the risks that your business might face. Pay attention to the ones that can really hamper your operations. You can categorize them into different events.

Do you think you will be affected by a natural calamity? Your business might be affected by thunderstorms, hurricanes, flooding, blizzards, or heatwaves. These can cause significant damage and losses to your business.

Your equipment will be vulnerable to these disasters. You can end up losing power. They can break down and just stop working altogether, which can affect your operations. In some cases, you can also lose data and have your systems down.

You might also face purchasing problems. What if a supplier or vendor that you count on goes out of business? What if you can no longer sustain a contract with one of them?

The second step after having these risks identified is to develop a strategy to neutralize them. This is where you need to start looking for other options to have in handy in case anything happens.

If you are dealing with vendors, learn more about their capacity to handle emergencies. Find out if they can provide backup immediately in case any of your servers or systems fail.

As for your equipment, it’s best to start looking for rental companies that can provide the right systems for your business. It pays to find one that can take on your demands and have the expertise to handle your systems.

Next, tell these vendors or rental companies exactly what you need. Get assurance that they have the experience to provide your requirements. Confirm that they will be there in case of emergencies.

If you need chiller or boiler rentals for your business, talk to us at CTC Air. We have over 150 years of combined experience in the cooling and heating industry. For a quote, please call us on: 800-388-5429.